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Friday, 20 January 2012

How To Get Clear Skin – For Real

For so many girls, skin problems can easily damage their self-esteem. Waking up with breakouts is incredibly annoying, and they always seem to come when a big day is close (note: stress). Getting a clean complexion takes dedication. Cleansing twice a day for 5 days and then expecting to have clear skin is completely unrealistic; you need to give it time. It’s a matter of motivation, not ability. Here are my steps for achieving clear skin.

1.       You must remove your makeup

Before you go to bed, you should always use either an oil-based cleanser, a makeup remover, or wipes to move heavy foundation, eye makeup and sunscreen that can block pores. Spending eight hours in bed with your makeup on, smudging over your face, is both unattractive and very unhealthy for your skin.

2.       You should gently cleanse your skin daily

Cleanser should be applied at least once a day with clean hands. The best thing to do is spend around a minute massaging it into your skin using your fingers or a facial brush. It might be useful to perform the cleansing process twice to ensure that all dirt is being removed, particularly if you’ve worn a lot of makeup, or your skin is feeling rough.

3.       You need to wash your face thoroughly

Removing all cleanser is important, so you should splash water on your face or use a warm washcloth to remove all traces of it. Skipping this step risks blockages and congestion caused by the product that you’re using to stop that from happening!

4.       You should exfoliate regularly

To avoid dehydration and help with fighting blockages, you should exfoliate two to three times a week. Of course this also removes dead skin cells, resulting in much smoother skin.

For most of the time, my skin is generally clear. The few breakouts that I get usually appear when I’m stressed or rundown, but they tend to clear up quite fast. Before I started a proper skin care routine I had permanent blackheads which have disappeared. Personally, this is what I do:

1.       I don’t sleep with my makeup on. I almost always use at least a wipe before bed to clear up my skin, unless I’ve had a shower and cleansed.

2.       I find cleansing over a sink impossible. Water gets everywhere, including all over the mirror and in my hair. This used to be my excuse for not bothering, but here is my solution. I leave my cleanser in my shower, and cleanse while I’m bathing. It makes things so much more simple.

3.       Generally, most people shower daily. Every time I shower, after I cleanse, I let water run over my face to ensure that all the cleanser is removed. This ensures no chance of blocked pores due to the cleanser.

4.       About twice a week, I exfoliate after cleansing (while in the shower). Personally I like to use a scrub glove and exfoliate my décolletage and back as well. I really find that this smooths my skin so much. Usually twice a month I exfoliate my legs and arms as well. I’m a big fan of smooth skin after exfoliating!


Lissy said...

It's so true about removing your make up before bed. I used to be lazy and not bother sometimes and I ALWAYS paid for it the next day. Great tips!

Emma said...

Great post! I'm constantly trying to get my friends to clean their skin properly and they never listen and one of them even goes to be with her makeup on. Mortal sin in my eyes haha!

Muhammad Israr said...

points noted... who knows when one needs these :P

Jillian said...

Couldnt stand going to bed with makeup.
Admittedly, I have kind of bad skin, but the washing your face in the shower tip makes so much sense. Washing over a sink is so clumsey.

Anonymous said...

When i'm going to a party with make up on and i know i will be too lazy after i come home for a gentle cleaning session, then i just grab my cleansing towelettes (i hope that's what they're called, i'm not a native speaker :D) and put them next to my bed. so when i come home i can lay down and remove the makeup while in bed hahaha
may be not very sexy but it helps even the laziest girl in the world to remove her makeup :)

Dreamy Sapna said...

Great tips. You sure are full of ideas. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I was really happy when I read your comment. I am following you now. Love your blog. Do update soon because I would love to read more. thanks again. x

Ishey Shen said...

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Daniel Thomas said...

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