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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to Care for Red Hair

The majority of people are born with a hair colour that complements their skin tone and eye colour. Your natural locks will generally suit you more than any other colour you could put through your hair. If you were blessed with blonde hair, read on to find out how to work your natural red hair colour to its best.

Make your hair look amazing by weaving through ribbons, flowers or scarves. This style is everywhere at the moment, and for good reason. It looks beautiful of naturally red hair.

Wearing gold jewellery can enhance the vibrancy of your hair, so go find some golden bracelets, necklaces and rings!

Red hair sometimes has a problem with an ability to create split ends very easy. Using a leave-in cream can help them stay stronger for longer, and let you look amazing.

To really intensify your colour, you can wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, followed by a treatment of tomato juice. Sounds kinda gross, but after leaving it covered in plastic for 15 minutes, you’ll be going back for more!

Red hair tends to require a heat protectant moreso than other colours, so consider purchasing one if you frequently use your hairdryer or straghtener.

1 comment:

Jillian said...

My hair isn't very red, a brown, with a touch of auburn. But I've always wanted to dye it this shade. Thanks for the tips.