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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Guest Post - Sapna - Products That I Regret Buying!

Hey guys. I have a very special blog post for you today written by up-and-coming beauty blogger Sapna from I Heart Dreamy. She has a gorgeous style of writing that totally suits the beauty blogging world. I hope you enjoy this post!

Hey people. Thank you firstly for reading this post. It really means a lot. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it and check out my blog later! Today I will be telling you about several products that I actually regret buying in the first place. Read and learn, girls!

2true Smooth Matte Foundation
This foundation does not do what it says on the packaging. Firstly, if you get oily on your t-zone then this is definitely not for you. 'Oil free' is what it says on the product packaging but trust me, it is not oil free. The first time I applied this foundation, it made my face more oily. Secondly, it doesn't blend properly on the skin. It might just be me, but this foundation also tends to give me the feeling where you feel as if its burning and irritating the skin a lot. I definitely wouldn't recommend this foundation!

NYC lipstick
The lipstick I have is the shade 404 Air Kiss. To be honest, this product sucks. It doesn't have any consistency, doesn't last longer than a regular lipstick, and is not pigmented. The colour also tends to fade away quickly, so it's a big 'NO' for this product.

2true Eyeliner Dazzler
This is another 2true product that I am quite disappointed with. It is a glitter liquid eyeliner. Firstly, it has no consistency and it is hard to actually apply. I love the glitter and the shade but the product simply doesn't work well. Secondly, there is not enough product inside, and it comes with a terrible brush. I wouldn't buy this product ever again!

Chocomania Soap
I bought this product when it was first launched. I hate to admit that I didn't really like this product at all. Firstly, it doesn't produce much lather as other soaps. I had to keep on rubbing it to finally produce some lather to wash my hands properly. Secondly, the smell doesn't last long at all. I'd rather use my Dove soap as the smell lasts a lot longer than this soap. This last one is kind of my own thing: there are small grains in the soap for exfoliating, but it kind of irritates me a lot. I can't work out exactly why, but I know that it's not worth using!

ColorTrend Total Curl
This mascara is something I wouldn't use even if it was given to me for free! Trust me! Firstly, it doesn't give any volume or length to your eyelashes at all. The product is kind of watery inside which is something I don't like. I got this product from Avon. It would be much better spending money on a high quality mascara instead!

Hope this was bit of a help to you guys! Have fun and take care! x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

How To Use Dry Shampoo!

Dry shampoo is the best thing since sliced bread. I remember the days when the only option was baby powder, and I'd be covering myself and my floor in a white dust whilst rushing to get ready! Gone are the messy mornings, where your hair would turn three shades lighter and look awful. Thank you to the inventors of dry shampoo.

As wonderful as dry shampoo is, it can't just be sprayed onto your hair. Doing so gives a similar result to baby powder! The process is simple and fast, and knowing what you're doing will reap rewards!

Note: while general shampoo removes the hair's natural oils and the dirt, dry shampoo absorbs it.

Step 1: Brush through your hair, ensuring there are no tangles.

Step 2: Spray the dry shampoo into your hair, focusing on the roots. Hold it about 8in/30cm from your head.

Step 3: Work it in using your finger tips, doing your best to absorb the oils/dirt. This is the most important part, so make sure you rub it in until you're happy with the texture.

Step 4: Brush out the dry shampoo! It's not meant to stay in your hair.

Step 3: Style!

The best part of dry shampoo is that as well as giving you an extra day or two without washing, it also gives a wonderful body to your hair. For this reason, you can even spray some on after straightening your hair to puff it up a bit!
Lastly, dry shampoo does lighten your hair. For you blonde girls, this can be great when you want to brighten your style up a bit. It is important for you dark brunette and black haired girls that you use a dry shampoo specifically for dark hair. Batiste have a great range, with various colours and fragrances. Definitely check them out if it's your first time!

So, what's your opinion on dry shampoo? Do you use it? If so, what brand do you use?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Blush

Dry shampoo has been around for a while, but it's only been in the past 12 months that the beauty magazines and blogs have started writing about it. This is the second type of dry shampoo I've tried, the first being Klorane. The Batiste dry shampoo was quite cheap, compared to the Klorane, so I knew that I couldn't expect the wonderous results that Klorane gives. I found it was a little bit heavier, and therefore didn't give as nice results as the Klorane does. However, the "Blush" fragrance was quite lovely!

It is important to know how to use dry shampoo. There IS an art to it; you can't just spray it on and go. I will do a post on applying dry shampoo very soon! Stay tuned!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Denimn Bow Wedges - Rubi Shoes

I fell in love with these wedges as soon as I saw them. The little 'bow' on the front is gorgeous, especially as it sits over the peep toe. The wedges and platform give a lovely height and shape, and don't cause too much strain on the foot. I definitely wouldn't wear these for long walks, considering the strap is elastic, and falls down with too much walking. It would drive me mad. As a shoe for going out for a Summer dinner in, they're lovely. Thoughts on these shoes? I'd love to hear them.

I am back!

After that short hiatus I am back! I got everything under control, and have a number of queued posts lined up and ready to go over the next couple weeks! Stay tuned for shoes, makeup, hair, and fashion!