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Friday, 3 February 2012

How to Care for Blonde Hair

The majority of people are born with a hair colour that complements their skin tone and eye colour. Your natural locks will generally suit you more than any other colour you could put through your hair. If you were blessed with blonde hair, read on to find out how to work your natural blonde hair colour to its best.

For a homemade hair moisturiser, mix a quarter cup of coconut oil with a few drops of essential oils. Comb the mixture in, cover your head in cling wrap, and leave it in over night. It works wonders for blonde hair, so you will wake up with shining locks.

Choose a brow pencil that is around two shades darker than your hair colour. This is usually the perfect contrast to make your eyes pop.

Blonde hair can sometimes end up looking quite thin, so you could consider putting in some clip-in extensions to give an illusion of thickness.

Oily hair is a big complaint of blondes, so using dry shampoo or baby powder in your hair can make a huge difference. Just brush it in and your hair will feel as if it’s just been washed.

Spending a lot of time in chlorine and the water can really fade your hair colour from the shine that it gets from the sun. Using a blonde toner once a week can fix this right up.