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Monday, 16 January 2012

The Biggest Skin Myths

I did some research for those of you worrying about what you're doing to your skin!

Myth: If I don’t wear makeup, I don’t need to wash my face at night

Fact: Whether you wear makeup or not, your skin naturally collects dirt and oil during the day. Cleansing removes these things that can clog your pores, which is what causes pimples and blackheads. For those of you who do wear makeup, it is best to use a wipe first and then cleanse.

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Myth: Wipes work just as well as cleansers

Fact: Wipes work to shift any makeup you put on, while cleansers go deeper into the skin to remove any nasties from your pores. It's best to use these as a general clean up at the end of the day, or to freshen up in the morning, but don't substitute them for your cleanser and other skin care routine activities.
Hint - wipes are perfect to bring with you on sleepovers or when you go away camping!

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Myth: If I have oily skin, I don’t need to moisturise

Fact: Using treatments filled with products designed to dry out you pimples can end up drying out your skin. Ironically, this drying process can cause your skin to produce even more oil, and therefore more pimples. You should consider using a light, oil-free moisturiser daily before applying your makeup.

Myth: If my moisturiser or foundation has SPF, I don’t need to worry about sunscreen

Fact: Most moisturisers or foundations that include SPF don’t have them in high-enough concentrates to block out all of the suns UV rays. Applying a good sunscreen before your put on your makeup is very effective, and doesn’t add that much time to your morning routine. Personally, when the sun is very strong, I like to mix some tinted moisturiser with some sunscreen and put that on. It provides good skin protection and feels more like moisturiser than sunscreen.

Try this already tinted sunscreen: SunSense Daily Face SPF 30+ 
Myth: If I have oily skin, I should wash it as often as possible

Fact: Over washing oily skin can cause the skin to produce even more oil as it’s tricked into thinking it’s dry. This, of course, leads to more breakouts. Your skin should only be cleansed at most twice a day. If your skin is feeling shiny during the day, it is best to use blotting papers.

Check out: Gentle Complexion Correction Pads

Myth: If I use a tissue, it’s okay to pop my pimples

Fact: It is never good to pop a pimple. Ever. Especially using your fingernails. Even a tissue is not sterile, and still leads to scarring. It’s not worth it! It is best to use a good spot treatment directly to your face – no fingers involved!


Eminence Skincare said...

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Louise said...

Great research on the skin myths. I always use Simple skin products as I have sensitive skin. It was good too see some other alternatives!

I'm a new follower!

Louise x