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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bracelet and Bangle Storage - Cute, Simple, Fast

My bracelet storage in my room:

Over the years, I collected a large number of bracelets. It reached the point where I was storing them in bags hidden away in my wardrobe. A couple months ago, I sorted them out and sold a large portion, keeping only those which I really liked. There were still quite a few, so I came up with three different ideas of how to store them around my room.

I came up with an idea to use strips of ribbon to hold up my bracelets on my wall. I have them right next to one of my jewellery boards. It definitely looks cute and it's very easy to look at them properly to decide which ones I want, and just as simple to take them down. This is probably the most convenient and creative way to store bracelets, especially if you wear them a lot. The only downfall is that the strips won't hold up particularly heavy bracelets.

I made them by cutting out different lengths of ribbon (choose a colour that suits your room), folding them in half, and then using Blu Tack to keep the strips together. All you have to do is put your bracelets in the middle of the folded strip (colour coordinated!) and then attaching them to your wall with more Blu Tack.

A friend bought this Black Jewellery Display T-Bar for Bracelets as a Christmas present after hearing my complain about storing bangles. I love that once it's filled with bangles, it actually looks really pretty. Depending on how thick your bracelets are, it can hold quite a few (as you can see). The only downfall is that if you want a bangle that is situated in the middle and doesn't open, you need to take off the bracelets next to it. Other than that, it's a great storage piece to have.  

These are mostly new bracelets that I've recently purchased that I needed to store fast. I came up with an idea to put them into the plastic drawer set that I bought not long ago. It was super cheap, but it works great for storing bracelets that won't get tangled and that you want to keep colour or type sorted.

The top drawer holds my blue and grey bracelets and bangles. The middle drawer holds my pearl and pink bracelets. The bottom drawer holds my purple and gold bracelets and bangles.

Hope this tutorial of my bracelet storage has helped! I'd love to know if you have any great ideas for storing your jewellery.

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