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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Right Hair Cut For Your Face Shape

There are four basic face shapes. Although we rarely notice them while looking at people (except those who have a big shift towards a certain one), they can really influence what hair cut suits you. For this reason, it's helpful to have a basic understanding about what cuts you should stick to, and which you should avoid.

Celebrity examples: Hilary Duff and Jessica Alba

Girls blessed with oval faces should celebrate - almost all styles will suit you. The basic rule is to style your hair to show off your best feature. You can tell if you have an oval face if the length is approximately 1.5 times the width of the face. Gorgeous eyes will shine with blunt or whispy side bangs, while prominent bone structures will be highlighted with a sharp bob.
Avoid: There is no particlar style that should be avoided, so experimenting is something to take advantage of.

Celebrity examples: Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore

A square face can be softened with long or short layers that frame the face. Texture is important, so go for curls and choppy ends that are layered, starting around the face and continuing downward. Longer hair works much better than shorter, but cuts that end at the chin will still work to soften the jaw. Hair colour is best if it is darker around the face to soften sharop lines. If highlights are added, they should be placed around the cheek bones.
Avoid: Any form of bob haircut should be avoided, as they have the potential to make your face look even more square.

Celebrity examples: Rachel Bilson and Reece Witherspoon

Heart-shaped faces tend to exhibit a very prominent chin. Luckily, there are styles that you can do to take the attention away from your chin towards your eyes and cheekbones. Sideswept bangs can do wonders, as can a shorter fringe that is accompanied by medium to long hair. Long layers that sit around the cheekbones can be stunning for those with a heart-shaped face. For short hair, consider a soft fringe with a short, choppy style. Pixie cuts can be incredibly cute, as well as work to decrease a wide forehead. My current favourite colouring style - ombre - suits heart-shaped faces very well.
Avoid: Short, blunt bangs and harsh layers.

Celebrity examples: Catherine Zeta Jones and Kirsten Dunst

Layers close the to face can add the illusion of length to its shape. Bangs that are long and whispy suit best as they make the face look slimmer. Consider an asymmetrical style, such as a deep side part. Short hair cuts can be cute if they are accompanied by long, side swept bangs. Any hairstyle that adds volume and body works wonders. Experiment with poufs, high ponytails, and half-up/half-down styles.
Avoid: Any haircut that makes your face look bulky, such as a boy cut.

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