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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Removing Makeup - My Method and an Effective Secret Product

Okay. I'll admit it. Up until this year, I never removed my makeup. I know, it's disasterous. Removing all makeup before you go to bed is one of the most important rules. I remember my skin feeling horrible the next day after using soap and water, and so only used that process if I was wearing enough makeup that it would get all over my bed. Let's just be glad that I discovered makeup remover wipes.

Makeup remover wipes are amazing. As well as cleaning up your skin, they can also cleanse, tone and moisturise, depending on the type you buy. Since this discovery, I have not worn my makeup to bed. Generally, it isn't hard to find affordable brands that work in exactly the same way as expensive brands. Depending on how much makeup you use, and how often you clean your face during the day, the cost of makeup wipes can quickly add up. Here's a brilliant alternative which is much cheaper and has a lot more uses in it.

When I first (finally) progressed from glasses to contact lenses, I could never put in my contacts after I had applied my makeup as the solution would always make my makeup run very quickly and easily. It didn't take me too long to realise what an amazing eye makeup remover contact lense solution is. The exact same thing happens with eye drops. I was mindblown.

A brilliant alternative to makeup wipes is to pour several drops of the solution onto a cotton pad, and there you go. The same can be done with Q-tips for removing stray mascara during application.

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Sarah said...

I use the contact solution everyday.. I have never noticed this!!!

Thanks for your awesome comment! And good thing you used this account since I didn't know of this blog! It is fantastic! I am a blog addict now, I love reading blogs and this one is great.
Thanks again!
p.s following.. obvs :)